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Flatshifter "Blip" Independent Clutchless Downshift  only System.

Picture of complete Blip system, downshift blipper control box & gear shift sensor.flatshifterblip

The Flatshifter ‘Blip’ is a stand alone clutch less downshift-only system that is based on the race-proven Flatshifter Expert gear shifting system and is intended for use with vehicles that already have an ECU based ignition or fuel cut up-shifting functions.

The ‘Blip’ system blips the throttle for you when downshifting exactly the right amount at exactly the right moment (every time) no more expert heel & toeing required.

The shifter operates independently so will work alongside all types of OEM and aftermarket ECU’s.

It features a patented engine vacuum powered and regulated throttle blipper with a graduated lockable blip level adjustment.

 Great Video of GWR Raptor hillclimb car using Flatshifter Blip/Expert system to win many top places.

The Flatshifter Blip will operate with all types of sequential gearboxes including Quaife, Hewland, Sadev, and Elite type dog gearboxes as well as most motorcycles & bike engined vehicles.

It is suitable for road or race applications and as an aid for disabled drivers / riders and racers.

The system can be supplied with a gear linkage gear shift sensor or a strain gauge gear knob sensor and can also be used in conjunction with the Flatshifter Max electric paddle gear shifter system.

  • Automatic blip control
  • Designers of patented downshift systems for over 10 years.
  • Patented and race proven
  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Graduated lockable blip adjustment
  • Road or track use
  • Integral over-rev inhibitor
  • Up to 4 downshifts in 1 second (depending on gearbox make)
  • Allows you to left foot brake
  • Self regulating
  • See ‘Blip’ system in action on our video page.
  • Works alongside ALL ECU’S.
  • Optional 12 or 24 month warranty.
  •  Picture of GWR Raptor hillclimb car using Flatshifter Blip to much success

Flatshifter ‘Blip’ stand alone downshift system only £679.00 + VAT, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR POSTAGE COSTS.

New dealers / distributors wanted for the Flatshifter range of products.

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