Flatshifter Pro quickshifter kit


Flatshifter Pro Quickshifter system.

Full or Part-throttle clutchless Up-shifts AND clutchless auto throttle blipped  Downshifts.

Road / kit car quickshifter system (see Expert system for track day and race use).

Picture: FlatshiFlatshifter Pro Quickshifter Systemfter Pro quick shifter system main components.

Flatshifter Pro Quickshifter SystemFlatshifter Pro Quickshifter System
Quickshifters have become accepted as an essential performance tool for all competitive bike racers as well as race car & performance drivers offering performance gains of at least 1 meter per gearshift, and providing improved lap times that would usually only be achieved by fitting expensive racing parts and improvements to the engine tuning, reducing reliability and engine life. Also, using our quickshifter the throttle is kept wide open during the gearshift, there are no vortices produced in the intake manifold, resulting in a smoother engine performance and longer chain and sprockets life.

Smooth downshifts are difficult to achieve using a bike gearbox without a slipper clutch as it requires precise throttle blipping which is difficult skill to master. Using the patented Flatshifter quickshifter auto throttle blip system, all that is required for a smooth downshift is to close the throttle and operate the gear lever. The system works at all speeds is self regulating so it makes riding on the road smoother and more fun also an invaluable aid for disabled riders...

On the track our quickshifter system allows more precise corner entry as the rider/driver can concentrate on braking and turning in, while making perfect clutchless downshifts by operating the gear lever only. The system also helps prevent engine, gearbox and transmission damage due to badly timed or executed downshifts. A motor cycle fitted with Flatshifter Pro quickshifter only requires the use of the clutch for stopping and starting. Once on the move, pushing or pulling the gear lever at any revs is all that is required to change gear.

The Flatshifter Pro quickshifter is also suitable for many road and race cars which use an engine using a sequential gearbox. Smooth downshifts are difficult to achieve with a motorcycle gearbox as they do not have synchromesh, and the heel / toe technique of braking while blipping the throttle is also a difficult and unneccasy skill to master. Using the patented Flatshifter Pro quickshifter system, all that is required for a smooth downshift is to lift off the accelerator and to operate the gear lever.

Our quickshifter systems work at all speeds so it makes driving on the road smoother and more fun. On the track it allows more precise corner entry; the driver can concentrate on braking (left foot if preferred as the clutch is not used) and turning in, while making perfect downshifts by operating the gear lever only. The Flatshifter Pro system can also be used in conjunction with our Flatshifter Max electric shifter solenoid operated push button or paddle operated shift system.

Quickshifter Expert

Suitable for virtually ALL makes and model motorcycles including.

Flatshifter Quick-shifter kits Standard Engine Fitments, will fit just about make & model of Japanese motorcycle engines including:

  • Honda - Fireblade, Blackbird, Pan European, CBR600, CX500, et cetera.
  • Kawasaki - ZX12, ZZR1100, ZX10, GPZ1100, ZX6R, ZX7R, et cetera.
  • Suzuki - GSXR600, 750, 1000, 1100, Bandit, Hayabusa, et cetera.
  • Yamaha - FZR1000 EX UP, YZF1000 Thunder Ace, FJ1100 / 1200, V Max, R1, et cetera.

Bike Engined Quickshifter Kits

  • OEM Standard or Radical throttle bodies and Keihin flat slide carbs, Jenvey .turbo charged & super charged engines.
  • Specials on application.


New dealers / distributors wanted for the Flatshifter range of Quickshifters.









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  • "Hi Graham, We ran our new LCR sidecar on the weekend that I fitted the Flatshifter Expert to. Its terrific! Only a slight adjustment needed & all is good. We dropped 1.3 secon..."
    Duncan rogers
    lcr side car racing team 23.08.2012
  • " Hi Graham Just a line to congratulate you on a great bit of kit ! The Expert/Max/Paddleshift units you supplied recently were fitted without problem, even with my moderate ..."
    Harry moody
    Flatshifter Expert & Max system

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